our idea

Raw material: wood, passion and some brass

Would we be able? Would we be worthy of such a tribute? Could we transform these magnificent trunks, rooted in our personal history, into something that could make other people fall in love with? Believing that the natural beauty of wood alone is attractive enough, we equip ourselves with the best tool in the world: our passion. Passion for trees and Nature, passion for the romantic idea of ​​immortalizing a piece of life and passion for the idea that we could be changing our own lives.

We learned to treat and sand the wood. We invented a set of procedures. We imagined the final result and only stopped when we understood that we had reached the destination, the decal of what was already real in our minds. We looked for materials that rhymed with the color and nobility of wood. Parts mostly made of brass, due to the changeable sweetness of its shade and the resistance of the material, which we took from its original features and adapted to our aesthetics. We learn to electrify and, in the end, we have fun waxing the finished pieces.

Perfectly imperfect

Our plane trees are still alive, to decide for us what to do, guiding our creativity, guiding our as amateur artisans hands. Some impose themselves by their perfection and smoothness, others by their defects and flaws. Some explain to us that they must rise in the vertical, while others, more languid and sculptural, insist on lazing around in fascinating horizontalities. There is, for those who can and want to listen, a certain temperament, a certain will in all living beings. Well, we like to listen.

Our wood trunks are not perfect, just as when they rose, imposing, towards the sky, or are so in the exact measure in which they are not. Perfection, as we understand it, is the balance of countless imperfections and ours are not hidden.

Our trunks have knots, cracks and branches and twigs that we kept in the, perhaps, naive honesty of not taking the trees' soul from them. We like to look at our pieces and feel in them the pulse of Nature and its determinations and not just wood objects worked and polished, to the point of losing kinship with the tree they once were.

Our trunks have defects and in them the cuts and the passage of the saw are visible. We think it just gives them grace, identity and character.


Light It Be