LightItBe Concept

LightItBe Concept

Our Light aims to create unique atmospheres, in tune with Nature and the human element. We create exclusive, emotional lamps and pieces made of wood and passion, because we believe that everything that surrounds us interferes with our well-being, state of mind and happiness.

Illuminating while decorating

Illuminating while decorating Light up everyone's lives and help change the world, one lamp at a time. A grandiose purpose, for a small workshop, but we are made of dreams and on our side we have an enormous passion, shared by an attentive community of ethically and environmentally conscious consumers. Based on unique, sustainably manufactured, original, exclusive, timeless and lasting pieces, Light It Be lights illuminates while decorates. We connect home to Nature, with creations where one can feel the the forest pulse and the smell of the sap. Most of all, we value the beautiful, the simple and the natural. In our store, everything is handmade and passion-made and that is priceless, it has value, it has the human factor and it brings harmony and warmth. Emotional objects make our lives happier. Because inner light is the best light.

Illuminate everyone's life and well-being

We connect decoration, nature and well-being with artistic and unrepeatable pieces, produced in an ethical, creative and handmade way. To the usual, we contrast with creativity. Armed with environmental awareness, we bet on originality and the whimsical results of manufacture when combined with noble raw materials, such as wood. All of this results in objects with character and lasting ones that will age with us.

Ethical and environmental responsibility

We work ethically, honestly, creatively and responsibly. We make a conscientious use of materials, recovering natural raw materials and reusing discarded materials, both organic and non-organic. We value flaws and imperfections, cracks and irregularities, as the final beauty and character result from harmonizing all of these. Each of our pieces tells a unique story and is willing and ready to stand the test of time and trends. We produce slowly, so one can enjoy it for a lifetime.